Support Colgate Women’s Rugby

From the words of Andy Kerr engraved proudly throughout Colgate’s sporting venues,”Colgate athletics teach us to think clearly, live cleanly, and play fairly.”

Colgate Women’s Rugby competes at the highest level of the National Small College Rugby Association, which involves a full fall schedule for XVs and Spring Sevens.  We further strive to immerse our women in the global rugby culture through international tours.  Our student-athletes work hard and have developed a professional image on campus and a championship mentality, but much of our budget by necessity as a club sport comes from alumni contributions.

Our alumni have historically provided funding to ensure that our coaching needs are met, new goalposts, and several other generous contributions.  Every dollar contributed to our annual budget is needed to provide the best possible academic and athletic experience for our student-athletes.

Colgate women’s rugby welcomes gifts of any size –  Visit to make a gift.

We would welcome contributions to our endowment, to a future capital project or major budget item, or directed in another manner. If you are interested in discussing a larger gift, please contact Coach Lemal-Brown at to discuss your interest.