Colgate vs. SUNY Cortland Match Summary

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September 29th, 2018 – SUNY Cortland

Colgate Women’s Rugby competed at SUNY Cortland on September 22nd, 2018. The starting lineup for the match was as follows:

1) Allegra Knox ’21
2) Shelley Liu ‘21
3) Amy Gilbertson ’20
4) Valerie Rome ’21
5) Angie Parrizzi ’22
6) Nicole Ventura ’22
7) Jessica Dolcimascolo ’22 
8) Emily Yin ’21
9) Grace Schreiber ’21
10) Hannah Tubbergen ’20
11) Maddy Kardek ’21
12) Erin Santos ’20
13) Mackay Peltzer ’19 (captain) 
14) Francesca Scuadroni ’21
15) Anika Yazdanshenas ’22

Subs: Emelei Klein ’19, Andrea DeHoyos ’20, Caitlyn Butze ’22, Kat Pina ’22, Sophie Shaffer ’22, Jamie Aronson ’22, Jenifer Trujillo ’22 

CWRFC took the field on another beautiful Saturday afternoon against SUNY Cortland.  The match got off to a bit of a rocky start with Cortland scoring two tries within the first ten minutes. Both tries were not converted. However, Colgate turned things around in the 35th minute, when captain Mackay Peltzer ’19 broke through the defensive line and made a great run upfield. Peltzer ’19 tossed a beautiful offload to Grace Schreiber ’21 who maneuvered past the defense to score a breakaway try. The kick was converted by Grace Schreiber ’21. Colgate continued to play strong defense for the rest of the half, not allowing Cortland to gain much territory. Kicking the ball out of bounds off of a scrum, Cortland ended the half with a score of 10 to Colgate’s 7. 

The Colgate Women’s Ruggers took the pitch in the second half wanting to keep up the same intensity that they brought in the latter part of the first half. Colgate had some difficulty lining up on defense that led to repeated offsides calls, which allowed Cortland to rapidly gain territory. This ultimately resulted in Cortland scoring two tries in the 45th and 50th minute (both were not converted). Joining the lineup throughout the second half were subs Emelei Klein ’19, Andrea DeHoyos ’20, Caitlyn Butze ’21, Nicole Ventura ’22, Jenifer Trujillo ’22, and Sophie Shaffer ’22.  Nicole Ventura ’22 had a phenomenal run that brought Colgate just short of the try line. CWRFC had great communication and moved the ball smoothly while on the attack, but was unable to find the way into the try zone. Cortland was able to break through the Colgate defense two more times before the end of the match in the 55th and 60th minute, but did not convert the kick on either attempt. The game ended at a score of 7-30. While it was not the outcome that Colgate was looking for, a lot of new players gained experience and showed great talent and  potential! We can’t wait to see their progress throughout the years to come!

A huge shoutout to Mackay Peltzer ’19 for her incredible leadership – she kept the team positive throughout the entire game!! As always, a HUGE thanks to all of the parents, alumni, and fans that support us–we couldn’t be here without you all!

We look forward to our next game at Ithaca College on October 13th. Until the next newsletter, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts so you can always get the latest updates. Go ‘Gate!