Colgate vs. University of Rochester Match Summary

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September 22nd, 2018 – University of Rochester

Colgate Women’s Rugby competed on Academy Field versus University of Rochester on September 22nd, 2018. The starting lineup for the match was as follows:

1) Amy Gilbertson ’20
2) Shelley Liu ‘21
3) Dira Odrick ’19
4) Anna Hart ’20 (captain)
5) Valerie Rome ’21
6) Alex Barnikel ’19
7) Jessica Dolcimascolo ’22 
8) Angie Parrizzi ’22
9) Grace Schreiber ’21
10) Hannah Tubbergen ’20
11) Maddy Kardek ’21
12) Erin Santos ’20
13) Mackay Peltzer ’19 (captain) 
14) Emma Rainer ’21
15) Anika Yazdanshenas ’22

Subs: Andrea DeHoyos ’20, Allegra Knox ’21, Francesca Scuadroni ’21, Caitlyn Butze ’22, Kat Pina ’22, Sophie Shaffer ’22, Jamie Aronson ’22, Jenifer Trujillo ’22, Nicole Ventura ’22

CWRFC warmed up on Academy Field for their senior day match against University of Rochester on a beautiful September afternoon. Coming off of a nice win, Colgate was determined to pick up where they left off. Colgate’s attack was very strong, and they were able to control the ball in offensive territory. Rochester’s defense remained strong, holding the Colgate attack just shy of the try zone. After a combination of forward drives and swift moves from the backline, Grace Schreiber ’21 picked up the ball from a ruck and dove over the line to score a try, which she did not convert. The Colgate Women’s Ruggers kept this focus and intensity as Rochester attempted to move the ball into Colgate territory. Colgate held a very strong defensive line, and Rochester was not able to gain many meters. Off of a quick launch Grace Schreiber ’21 picked off a pass to score a breakaway try in the 21st minute, which she converted. After an injury took Emma Rainer ’21 out of the game, Francesca Scuadroni ’21 was substituted in. Mackay Peltzer ’19 and Erin Santos ’20 made some really nice switches to gain a lot of ground, but Colgate was unable to convert on these opportunities. The half ended with Colgate up 12 to Rochester’s 0.

The Colgate Women’s Ruggers took the pitch in the second half ready to fight. Colgate received the kickoff, and Alex Barnikel ’19 broke through the line and completed a beautiful overlap with Francesca Scuadroni ’21. Unfortunately, Colgate lost possession of the ball and Rochester was able to capitalize on the opportunity, scoring a try (not converted) in the 42nd minute. Knowing the game was too close for comfort, CWRFC picked up their energy and gained momentum. Off of a penalty kick in the 44th minute, Anna Hart ’20 distributed the ball out wide to Grace Schreiber ’21, who found a gap in the defensive line and scored a breakaway try. She was able to convert the kick. The Colgate Women’s Ruggers kept up their energy, working hard to support one another. By running multiple plays, they were able to gain substantial ground. The ball found its way out wide to Francesca Scuadroni ’21, who was able to push through the Rochester defense and place the ball just meters shy of the try zone. Colgate saw space on the other side of the field and found Madeleine Kardek ’21 wide open. Madeleine Kardek was able to capitalize on this opportunity to dot down a try in the 60th minute, which was not converted by Grace Schreiber ’21. Colgate knew that they would need to keep a strong defensive line to win the game. Rochester was able to past the Colgate defense in the 70th minute to score the last try of the match, which was converted. The final score was 24-12 – a great win for Colgate!

A huge shoutout to all of the seniors – we love you and will miss you next year! As always, a HUGE thanks to all of the parents, alumni, and fans that support us–we couldn’t be here without you all!

We look forward to our next game at SUNY Cortland on September 29th.

Go Gate!