Colgate at Syracuse Match Summary

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September 8th, 2018 – Syracuse

Colgate Women’s Rugby competed at Syracuse on September 8th, 2018. The starting lineup for the match was as follows:

1) Amy Gilbertson ’20
2) Shelley Liu ‘21
3) Anna Hart ’20 (captain)
4) Valerie Rome ’21
5) Nicole Szczech ’19
6) Alex Barnikel ’19
7) Emily Yin ’21
8) Vanessa Perez Marquez ’22
9) Grace Schreiber ’21
10) Hannah Tubbergen ’20
11) Allegra Knox ’21
12) Erin Santos ’20
13) Mackay Peltzer ‘19 (captain)
14) Emma Rainer ’21
15) Madeleine Kardek ’21

Subs: Andrea De Hoyos ’20, Anika Yazdanshenas ’22, Francesca Scuadroni ’21, and Jenifer Trujillo ’22.

The Colgate Women’s Ruggers traveled to Syracuse to kickoff their season. The match got off to a rocky start with Syracuse scoring three tries, converting two of them, within the first twenty minutes of the game. The CWRFC never gave up hope and were determined to fight back. Around the twenty minute mark, Colgate flipped the momentum of the game. The Colgate Women’s Ruggers worked to get the ball out wide and kept pushing through the gaps in the defensive line. Syracuse maintained a strong defensive unit, but Colgate was able to slowly gain territory in the offensive zone. At the 34 minute mark, Grace Schreiber ’21 grabbed the ball from a breakdown and dove over the line to score a try which was not converted. After some back and forth play, Syracuse won a scrum and found a gap in the defense to score a try in the 39th minute, which was converted. Determined to score before the end of the half, Colgate continued to increase their intensity. With high pressure being put on their attack by the CWRFC defense, Syracuse found themselves caught in the defensive zone. Unable to gain any meters, Syracuse kicked the ball to the midfield, which was picked up by fullback Madeleine Kardek ’21. To end the half, Kardek distributed the ball out wide to Erin Santos ’20, who broke through the defensive line to score a beautiful try that was not converted.

Colgate brought both high intensity and focus into the second half. Syracuse scored a quick try two minutes into the second half which was converted. CWRFC did not give up; off of a long run from Anna Hart ’20, Shelley Liu ’21 picked up the ball and dotted down a beautiful try at the 59 minute mark, which was not converted. Joining the lineup in throughout the second half were subs Anika Yazdanshenas ’22 and Francesca Scuadroni ’21. Colgate was relentless on the attack for the rest of the game. Colgate returned to the try zone with a try from Grace Schreiber ’21 in the 67th minute, which was not converted. In the final seconds of the game, Shelley Liu ’21 was credited a penalty try. The game ended at a score of 27-33.  Although Colgate did not come out of the game with a win, they gained a lot of experience and showed great potential for the rest of the season!

A big shoutout to the first years that took part in a modified match following the A-side match! We are so excited for them to be a part of Colgate Women’s Rugby! The roster was as follows:
Abigail Greene ’22, Kataryna Pina ’22, Jasmin Lopez ’22, Nicole Ventura ’22, Maeve Banivage ’22, Jamie Aronson ’22, Willa King ’22, Sarah Neubecker ’22, Jessica Dolcimascolo ’22, Sarah Neubecker ’22, Sophie Shaffer ’22, Angie Parrizzi ’22, and Caitlyn Butze ’22.
Also big shoutouts to Mackay Peltzer ’19 and Anna Hart ’20 for keeping the team positive and providing guidance to the rookies in their first game, Amy Gilbertson ’20 for her outstanding work ethic on the field, and Mr. Baxendell for the support and food. As always, a HUGE thanks to all of the parents, alumni, and fans that support us–we couldn’t be here without you all!
We look forward to our next game versus Binghamton University on September 15th at our very own Academy Field.  Until the next newsletter, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts so you can always get the latest updates. Go ‘Gate!
Grace Schreiber ’21