Colgate vs. Bentley Match Summary

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November 11th, 2017 – Bentley

Colgate Women’s Rugby competed against Bentley on November 11th, 2017. The starting lineup for the match was as follows:

1) Carly Ryan ’20
2) Shelley Liu ‘21
3) Anna Hart ’20
4) Courtney Testa ‘18
5) Jessica Schoen ’18
6) Jinui Thomas ’21
7) Allie Krez ’18
8) Rajae McClinek ‘20 
9) Maggie Nelsen ‘18
10) Hannah Tubbergen ’20
11) Allegra Knox ‘21
12) Grace Schreiber ‘21
13) Mackay Peltzer ‘19
14) Emma Rainer ’21
15) Alex King ’18

Subs: Alex Barnikel ’19, Kate Conlan ’19, Valerie Rome ’21, Amy Gilbertson ’20, Allison Taylor ’21, Caroline Kruk ’18

The Colgate women’s ruggers took the field at Colbie-Sawyer against Bentley for their first match in regionals. The match got off to a rocky start as Bentley scored early on with no conversion. Colgate’s defense had a rough time against Bentley’s attack, and the opponents were able to score 2 more times, but converted only one. The CWRFC fought hard, holding them off from multiple attempts at the try zone. However, Bentley battled as well, eventually scoring one more time in the first half, which was converted. Colgate, not wanting to end the half on a complete shutout, decided to turn things around. After a nice pass from senior Maggie Nelsen ’18, forward Anna Hart ’20 crashed through the defensive line to score an unbelievable try (which was not converted) at the end of the first half. This left the score at Colgate 5, Bentley 24.

In the second half, Colgate knew that something needed to change. In order to pick up the momentum, Colgate attacked Bentley’s defense early on, setting a new pace for their offense. Running hard into the gaps, the CWRFC made their way up the field. Because of amazing runs by Grace Schreiber ’21 and Maggie Nelsen ’18, Colgate gained a lot of ground. Within meters of the try zone, Shelley Liu ’21 found a hole in the defense and dove through to score. Alex King ’18 tried to get a quick kick to keep up the pace, but narrowly missed the difficult conversion. In spite of the new pace, Bentley was relentless on offense and scored two more tries, unable to convert either one. Colgate was still in the game though, and played with everything they had. After a quick turnover, Mackay Peltzer ’19 got the pass and ran straight past the defense. With her amazing speed, she scored a solo, breakaway try (which was not converted). Colgate continued to close the gap, as another backline play got the ball out wide to Allegra Knox ’21 on the wing. She ran hard and scored her own breakaway try. Alex King ’18 kicked this conversion straight through the uprights. Despite their heart and hard work, Colgate was unable to score again, and lost to Bentley 34 to 22. It was a difficult loss and end to the season, but an amazing match that displayed the teams heart and progress from the beginning. 

Big shoutouts to Maggie Nelsen ’18 and Jess Schoen ’18 for being amazing captains this year, to Kelly Baxendell ’18 for being an awesome president, Coach Chapman for a great season of improvement, Mr. Baxendell for the support and food (seriously its amazing!), and all of the seniors–we love you all and will miss you next year! As always, a HUGE thanks to all of the parents, alumni, and fans that support us–we couldn’t be here without you all!

Although it is hard to end the season, we look forward to spring season! Until the next post, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts so you can always get the latest updates. Go ‘Gate!
Hannah Tubbergen ’20