Colgate @ Union

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October 22nd, 2016 – Union College Rugby Pitch


Colgate Women’s Rugby competed against Union College on Saturday, October 22nd 2016. The starting line-up for the final game of the regular season was as follows:


  1. Dira Odrick ‘19
  2. McKenna Valley ‘17
  3. Meghan Pane ’17 – C
  4. Halle Bills ‘17
  5. Jessica Schoen ‘18
  6. Rita Shehirian ‘17
  7. Erica “Texas” Hiddink ‘17
  8. Ciara Pettinos ‘17
  9. Maggie Nelsen ’18 – C
  10. Kim Muth ‘19
  11. Emelei Klein ‘19
  12. Ana Mackay Peltzer ‘19
  13. Nat Smith ‘17
  14. Aurelia Casarrubias ‘17
  15. Bria Vicenti ‘17


Subs: Kat Duvall ’19, Kelly Baxendell ’18, Courtney Testa ’18, Anna Hart ’20, Regina Pimentel ’18, Hannah Tubbergen ’20, Erin Santos ’20, Katie Rich ’20


In the final game of the Colgate Women’s regular season, the Raiders again finished on top. Against Union, the ruggers channeled their inner Marvin Gaye and proved that ‘Winter’s cold can’t stop [us] baby’ in a 10-0 victory. Facing wind and rain, the Colgate women kicked off, only to find themselves in hard-fought rucks and a few scrums located in a literal marsh. Colgate had a rough start in the first half, covered in mud and under intense scrutiny from the referee. Senior Aurelia Casarrubias, on the other hand, was not impressed with the Union defensive line and ran in the first try of the game, proving to the drenched and shivering fans what an incredible player she is. Unfortunately, due to the wind, the conversion kick was missed, but it ignited a fire in the Colgate players that extended for the rest of the game.


Ignoring their (probably) frostbitten limbs, the Colgate women came out strong in the second half with powerful rucks against Union, gaining several successful turnovers. In a victorious run, senior Nat Smith sprinted from the defensive try-zone to Union’s 22-meter line, only to be taken down by the Union fullback. Fortunately for Colgate, junior and captain Margaret Nelsen was in close pursuit and took a hand-off for a flawless second try, bringing the score to 10-0. The Raiders were able to hold out until the end of the game, securing a spot in playoffs. They look forward to a long post-season and hope to again crush the competition in Rochester. Thank you to all who braved the weather to see us play!