Colgate @ LeMoyne

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Colgate Women’s Rugby competed against LeMoyne College on Saturday, October 15th 2016. The starting lineup for the first away match of the season was as follows:


  1. Dira Odrick ‘19
  2. McKenna Valley ‘17
  3. Meg Pane ‘17 – C
  4. Halle Bills ‘17
  5. Jess Schoen ‘18
  6. Rita Shehirian ‘17
  7. Erica “Texas” Hiddink ‘17
  8. Ciara Pettinos ‘17
  9. Maggie Nelsen ’18 – C
  10. Kim Muth ‘19
  11. Emelei Klein ’18
  12. Maggie Dunn ‘19
  13. Nat Smith ‘17
  14. Aurelia Casarrubias ‘17
  15. Bria Vicenti ‘17


Subs: Regina Pimentel ‘18, Kelly Baxendell ‘18, Shelby Holland ‘18, Dyani Davis ‘18, Mackay Peltzer ‘19, Anna Hart ‘20, Hannah Tubbergen ‘20, and Erin Santos ‘20.


Coming off a much needed bye week, the Colgate Women’s ruggers traveled to LeMoyne College outside of Syracuse, NY to face off for the first time in three years.


After a slow first 10 minutes senior Aurelia Casarrubias led the team with the first try of the game, with Ciara Pettinos ’17 making the first of 9 conversion kicks for a total of 7 points. Proving their dominance on and off the pitch, captains Maggie Nelsen ’18 and Meghan (“brings the”) Pane ’17 each ran in tries, which were converted again by Pettinos ’17. After a commanding lead had been established, Maggie Dunn ‘19 racked up one more try for Colgate and Aurelia Casarrubias ’17 ran in a try directly from the resulting kickoff, allowing Ciara “Can’t Miss” Pettinos to bring in another two conversions for the team. At the end of the first half, Colgate held a strong lead over LeMoyne with a 35-0 score.


Coming back from a restful halftime, the Colgate ruggers sought to try out some new plays, including but not limited to scissors, loops, skips, jukes, behind-the-back passing, and even an unintentional pirouette or two. Combinations of several of the above led to another try by Maggie Nelsen ’18, and yet another conversion by Pettinos ’17. Immediately following Nelsen’s try the legendary Erica “Texas” Hiddink ’17 broke away from the LeMoyne pack with the ball, and began a victorious kicking game all the way to the try zone where she was tackled without having ever possession of the ball. Given the illegality of this move by LeMoyne, Hiddink was awarded a penalty try and gained an extra 5 points for Colgate. In their post-penalty try euphoria, Colgate unfortunately dropped the ball, allowing LeMoyne a successful kick for points, and taking away Colgate’s opportunity at a shutout game. However, Jess Schoen ‘18  quickly answered with a swift stiff-arm to the shoulder and ran in her first ever try! As the score continued to increase the Colgate ruggers took their opportunity to get some of our substitute players time on the pitch, allowing Kelly Baxendell ’18, Regina Pimentel ’18, Shelby Holland ’18, Mackay Peltzer ’19, and Anna Hart ’20 all to join the fray over the course of the second half. The last 20 minutes of the match were a flurry of activity, bringing tries by Regina Pimentel ’18, Bria Vicenti ’17, Ciara Pettinos ’17, and two tries by Erica “Texas” Hiddink ’17. The game ended in a resounding victory for the CWRFC with a score of 83-3!


Big shoutouts to Ciara “Can’t Miss” Pettinos for her 9 conversions, and the whole of the Colgate forward pack, who won every single scrum of the game!


The Colgate lady ruggers are looking forward to our last regular season match this upcoming Saturday at Union College. Thank you to the fans both near and far who have supported us this season, and make sure to stay tuned to our social media outlets for additional updates and news as we enter post-season play. Go ‘gate!