Win against Oneonta

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October 1st 2016 – Academy Field, Colgate University


Colgate Women’s Rugby competed against SUNY Oneonta on Saturday, October 1st 2016. The starting line-up for our first match of the season was as follows:


  1. Dira Odrick ‘19
  2. McKenna Valley ‘17
  3. Meghan Pane ’17 – C
  4. Halle Bills ‘17
  5. Jessica Schoen ‘18
  6. Courtney Testa ‘18
  7. Rita Shehirian ‘17
  8. Erica “Texas” Hiddink ‘17
  9. Maggie Nelsen ’18 – C
  10. Kim Muth ‘19
  11. Regina Pimentel ’18
  12. Maggie Dunn ‘19
  13. Nat Smith ‘17
  14. Emelei Klein ‘19
  15. Bria Vicenti ‘17


Subs: Mary Clubb ’19, Kelly Baxendell ’18, Ana Mackay Peltzer ‘19, Katie Rich ’20, Kate Conlan ’19


Fueled by the force of the cheetah from multiple generations of Colgate Women’s Rugby, the Colgate women won their homecoming game 58-12! It was a tough game, with several key players out with injuries, but the new players rose to the challenge.


The first try of the game came from McKenna Valley ’17, who scored her first try ever and started the senior game with 5 points. As always, Erica “Texas” Hiddink broke through Oneonta’s scrummies and ran in for two back-to-back tries, which were both converted by Maggie Dunn ‘19. Kim Muth ’19 commanded the line with strong passes to Regina Pimentel ’18. After our mighty Bria Vicenti ’17 took a blow to the head, sophomore and rookie Ana Mackay Peltzer stepped onto the field for her first game and crushed it for 60 straight minutes. Mary Clubb ’18 entered the scrum as hooker following another injury but continued where McKenna left off (killing it). Unfortunately Oneonta snuck one try in pre-halftime, but Captain Maggie Nelsen ’18 got 5 more points for Colgate to make the score 24-7.


The second half starred the Maggie dream team (Nelsen and Dunn) as Nelsen scored and Dunn converted. Impressive rucks by Dira Oderick ’19 allowed Nat Smith ’17 to break away for a try. Though Captain Meghan Pane is normally one to drive through the defense and hand off the ball before the try line, this time she got it all the way in. Oneonta got a breakaway and scored despite their #14 continually vomiting on our pitch. In epic Smith fashion, Nat scored again, bringing the score to 53-12. Texas bowled over the competition in an epic breakaway yet again, and combined with Nat’s end-of-the-game try, Colgate finished with a big win on their senior game. After the game, the CWRFC feasted with alums and the rookies surprised the seniors with thoughtful posters and more love than we could possibly deserve. The team is ready to take on the rest of the league in our upcoming away matches!


Thank you to the fans that came to support us! We are looking forward to next game at Lemoyne College on October 15th.