Win against Hamilton 9/24

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September 24th, 2016 – Academy Field, Colgate University


Colgate Women’s Rugby competed against Hamilton College on Saturday, September 24th 2016. The starting line-up for our first match of the season was as follows:


  1. Dira Odrick ‘19
  2. McKenna Valley ‘17
  3. Kat Duvall ’19
  4. Halle Bills ‘17
  5. Meghan Pane ’17 – C
  6. Rita Shehirian ‘17
  7. Erica “Texas” Hiddink ‘17
  8. Ciara Pettinos ‘17
  9. Maggie Nelsen ’18 – C
  10. Kim Muth ‘19
  11. Regina Pimentel ’18
  12. Maggie Dunn ‘19
  13. Nat Smith ‘17
  14. Aurelia Casarrubias ‘17
  15. Bria Vicenti ‘17


Subs: Emelei Klein ’19, Shelby Holland ’18, Mary Clubb ’19, Kelly Baxendell ’18, Courtney Testa ’18, Katie Rich ’20, Kate Conlan ’19, Alex Barnikel ’19.


Hamilton College, notoriously one of the biggest rivals of Colgate Women’s Rugby, traveled to Academy Field to face off on a beautiful fall day.


Kickoff was quickly followed by a try from Aurelia Casarrubias ’17. Erica “Texas” Hiddink ’17 brought in the second try of the game about minute later. 8-Man Ciara Pettinos ’17 broke through the Hamilton defense to put Colgate up 15-0. Within the first few minutes Colgate had a solid lead.


Speedy Aurelia Casarrubias scored her second try after the ball was won back in an incredible ruck by Colgate’s props Kat Duvall ’19 and Dira Odrick ‘19. Unfortunately, Ciara Pettinos and flanker Rita Shehirian ’17 were injured in tackles but juniors Courtney Testa and Kelly Baxendell were ready to assume positions at flanker, with Erica “Texas” Hiddink moving to 8-man. Even with all the changes, our hooker McKenna Valley ’17 kept the scrum together to keep Hamilton at bay.


Proving that everything’s better from Texas, Erica Hiddink and Regina Pimentel ’18 scored back to back tries and gave Colgate a commanding lead of 30 points. Rucks and tackles by Halle Bills ’17 and Captain Meghan Pane ’17 brought the ball out of Hamilton’s possession and down the line led by Kim Muth ’19. The quick hands of the line got the ball to Aurelia Casarrubias who went for a third and fourth try within minutes of each other. Maggie Dunn ’19 converted Aurelia’s third try and at halftime Colgate was up 42-0.


To keep things interesting, the line up was shifted for the second half. Mary Clubb ’19 went in as hooker with McKenna Valley ’17 moving to flank, Kelly Baxendell ’18 moving to lock and Shelby Holland ’18 to prop. Regina Pimentel ’18 switched to fly-half and Emelei Klein ’19 became wing.


Captain Maggie Nelsen started off the second half with a try and conversion by Maggie Dunn, followed by another try. Natalie Smith ’17 sped down the pitch for the third try of the second half, bringing the score to 59-0. Katie Rich ’20 went in for Nat at wing and Kate Conlan ‘19 replaced Shelby Holland as prop after she was caught under a tackle.


Small but mighty Emelei Klein ’19 broke away from pack to score Colgate’s 12th try of the game. Captain Maggie Nelsen proved again how fabulous she is with a third try and immediately followed it with a fourth, breaking away from kickoff. Another conversion by Maggie Dunn kept Colgate in the lead by 76 points. Aurelia Casarrubias went for a fifth try to bring the score to 83-0 after Maggie Dunn converted. Rookie Alex Barnikel ’19 joined the line as a wing with Emelei Klein moving to full-back and Bria Vicenti ’17 moving to outside center.


A try by Bria Vicenti ’17 was answered with Hamilton’s first try of the game. Rookie Katie Rich ’20 showed us all how bright the future of CWRFC is with the first rookie try of the season! Maggie Dunn’s conversion brought the score to 95-5. Eager to make it into the triple digits, Bria Vicenti scored another try, which Maggie converted to end the game. Colgate won by a historic margin of 102-5!


Special shout out to Aurelia Casarrubias ’17 who scored 5 TRIES and Captain Maggie Nelsen who scored 4 TRIES! Also a big congratulations to Maggie Dunn ’19 who converted 6 times! The 2016 fall season is sure to be a good one for Colgate!


Thank you to the fans that came to support us! We are looking forward to our final regular season home game against Oneonta on Saturday October 1 at 1pm, following the men’s game at 11.