Colgate’s Back In The Win Column After A Tough Match v SUNY Brockport

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After a tough showing the previous week against the University of Binghamton, the men were ready to get back to work over the week to take on what we knew was going to be a physical SUNY Brockport squad. Cutting down on penalties and ball handing errors were the focus this week as well as how we were attacking. Our attacking pattern was becoming too simple and did not allow for us to utilize both sidelines. Over the week we were able to add width to our attack as well as provide a more dynamic open play attack. When Saturday arrived, the men were prepared and looking forward to taking on the physical challenge that SUNY Brockport would provide.

On an abnormally warm day in September (reaching 90 degrees…), Brockport kicked off and our attack began. Unfortunately, we were unable to get out of our red zone (our 22m zone) and the in the 3rd minute, Brockport was able to quick tap from a free kick in the scrum and drive over for the first try of the game (converted). On the ensuing kick-off, Brockport was able to retain possession and began moving the ball pretty well. Lucky for us, handling errors crept in to Brockport’s attack and we were able to get our hands on the ball. For the next 20 minutes, Brockport would be the stronger team but were unable to dot down tries due to knock-ons and timely tackles by Billy Bingo ’19, Grady Grissom ’18, and our fullback Ben Pelino ’21. At the 27th minute, Colgate was able to get on the scoreboard after a strong run by Mike Rasmussen ’19 capped off by a pick and go by Bingo (try unconverted). This was quickly answered by Brockport in the 32nd minute when they earned a penalty and quickly began attacking. They were able to get around our defensive line and score a try to the left of the goal posts (unconverted). When this try was scored, it seemed that our men finally woke up and it showed in the 33rd minute with Dorian Washington scoring his first career try (unconverted). This would bring the first half scoring to a close. FIRST HALF SCORE: Brockport 12 Colgate 10.

The second half saw Colgate playing with a little more urgency and control and it showed with tries scored by Cris Kusner ’20 in the 43rd minute, Will Pitkin ’19 in the 45th minute, and Dorian Washington in the 52nd minute (Kusner converted 2 of the 3). With the heat taking its toll on the players several players began cramping up which forced a few substitutions. Before we were able to give a few players relief, Brockport was able to take advantage of some miscommunication and score an unconverted try in the 58th minute. This would be answered by Colgate in the 63rd minute after Forward’s captain Mike Rasmussen ’19 rumbled through the Brockport defensive line for his try (unconverted). The final 15 minutes of the match would see both teams swap good attacks. We were able to move the ball pretty well, but handling errors would prevent us from capitalizing. Brockport had a couple opportunities as well, but our defense would hold strong to keep them from scoring again. When the the final whistle blew, Colgate would stand victorious after a much needed hard fought victory. FINAL SCORE: Brockport 17 Colgate 34.

After a tough loss in a match we were capable of winning against Binghamton, it was nice to prove to ourselves that we can hang with the bigger teams and compete. At the moment, our men are pulling double duty in the classroom and on the field (as student athletes do) and have already turned our focus to the division leaders, Syracuse University, this weekend. If you are in the area, we would love your support as we kick-off September 30th at 2pm on Academy Field. If you are unable to make it, be sure to follow us on Twitter to get up to the minute updates on for our matches.

1) Jack Johnson ’21
2) Billy Bingo ’19
3) Mike Rasmussen ’19
4) Will Pitkin ’19
5) Will Baker ’20
6) Adrian Belvitt ’20
7) Dorian Washington ’19
8) Dillon Forester ’20
9) Cris Kusner ’20
10) ​Adrian Heath ’19
11) Jack McKenna ’21
12) Austin Hatch ’18
13) Benji Pratley ’20
14) Grady Grissom ’18
15) Bennett Pelino ’21

Jack Flanagan ’21 for Hatch in the 25th minute
Ian Cummins ’21 for Belvitt in the 60th minute
Mike Vitale ’19 for Baker in the 65th minute
Sam Wittmann ’20 for Forester in the 65th minute

Washington = 2
Bingo, Pitkin, Kusner, and Rasmussen = 1 a piece

Kusner = 2 / 6 conversions

Colgate University, Academy Field / 90 degrees and clear

SIR: Percy Niedzielski

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