Colgate falls to SUNY Albany on the road

After a strong match against nationally ranked SUNY Cortland, we took to the road to take on divisional foe University of Albany.  Feeling momentum shift in our direction, we were looking forward to another opportunity to take the pitch.
Colgate received the kick-off and began attacking.  For the first 10 minutes, we would dictate the terms of the match by putting several phases together.  Eventually, Mike Rasmussen ’19 would drive over the line for the first try of the match (conversion was no good).  On the ensuing kick-off, we struggled to gain possession and clear our lines and Albany would began to attack.  In the 15th minute, Albany was able to slip around the outside and dot down a try in the corner (unconverted).  The next 20 minutes, both teams would swap attacks, but it would be Albany that would be able to take advantage of their possession and dot down two tries before the half ended (32nd minute/converted and 38th minute/unconverted).  FIRST HALF SCORE:  Albany 17  Colgate 5
The second half started like the beginning of the game with Colgate taking possession of the ball and moving it down the field.  This pressure would pay off with Ben Moore ’19 crossing over the line for a try in the 46th minute (unconverted).  Again on the ensuing kick-off, we struggles to clear our lines.  Albany would gain possession and ultimately score a try in the 52nd minute (converted).  The boys would continue to fight, but we were just unable to break Albany’s defensive line.   Albany would end up converting a drop goal in the 60th minute and scoring another try in the 72nd minute (converted).   FINAL SCORE:  Albany 34  Colgate 10
The boys fought for the full 80 minutes, but were unable to crack a strong Albany defense.  Our young team on the pitch are beginning to put pieces of the puzzle together, but have a little more to go.  A big shout out to all the parents that were able to make it to Albany, as well as our alumni John Criscione ’77 and Justin Sokolowski ’03.  With hopes of building some much needed depth, we will be hosting the University of Binghamton’s development team this weekend at 11am during Parents Weekend.  If you are in the area, we would love to have your support!  If you are unable to attend, you can get match updates via Twitter (@Colgate_Rugby).  Looking forward, the remainder of our schedule is as follows:
– 10/28 – v University of Binghamton (Development Match)
– 11/3 [Friday] – @ Fordham University​

– 11/10 [Friday] – @ Northeastern University

​ *Northeastern University is experiencing conflicts with field reservations so this match maybe rescheduled.  As soon as we have a confirmed location, date, and time we will make sure to pass it along.
1) Jack Johnson ’21
2) Billy Bingo ’19
3) Mike Rasmussen ’19
4) Ian Cummins ’21
5) Will Baker ’20
6) Adrian Belvitt ’20
7) Dorian Washington ’19
8) Will Pitkin ’19
9) Cris Kusner ’20
10) Ben Moore ’19
11) Jack McKenna ’21
12) Adrian Heath ’19
13) Benji Pratley ’20
14) Grady Grissom ’18
15) Ben Pelino ’21
Dillon Forester ’20 for Belvitt @ 40th minute
Mike Vitale ’19 for Rasmussen @ 45th minute
Jack Flanagan ’21 for Pratley @ 60th minute
Jack McPhail ’20 for Forester @ 65th minute​
​Sam Wittmann ’20 for Pitkin @ 69th minute
Luke Trautwein ’21 for Washington @ 75th minute
Massimo Indolini ’21 for Johnson @ 75th minute
Mickey Sacks ’21 for Grissom @ 75th minute
Rasmussen and Moore = 1 each
Kusner: 0/2
University of Albany, State Quaid Field / 75 degrees and sunny
SIR:  Percy Niedzielski
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