9/1 – Claret Mug Win Over Cornell – Match Summary

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September 1st, 2018 – Cornell University

Colgate Men’s Rugby competed against Cornell on September 1st, 2018. The starting lineup for the match was as follows:

1) Jack Johnson ’21
2) Billy Bingo ’19
3) Mike Rasmussen ’19 (captain)
4) Will Baker ’20
5) Michael Levinger ’22
6) Will Pitkin ’19
7) Dorian Washington ’19
8) Ian Cummins ’21
9) Ethan Gruber ’22
10) Jack Flanagan ’21
11) Griffin Johnson ’21
12) Adrian Heath ’19 (captain)
13) Benji Pratley ’20
14) Dillon Forester ’20
15) Ben Moore ’19

Subs: Sam Wittmann ’20, Massimo Indolini ’21, Boyd Howard ’21, Jacob Glassman ’20, Kyle Fisher ’21, Bennett Pelino ’21, Djibril Diallo ’22


Line-out thrown by Bingo ’19 to Cummins ’21

After a quick bus ride to Ithaca, the Colgate Ruggers met Cornell for a 2:30 kick-off. Colgate came out swinging and fly-half, Jack Flanagan ’21, scored a try for Colgate in the 4th minute. Prop, Jack Johnson ’21 converted, making the score 7-0 (and they say big men can’t kick). Cornell was quick to answer however, and came back 7-5 in the 9th minute. Colgate responded with a try by captain Adrian Heath ’19 just three minutes later then a try by Dorian Washington ’19 five minutes after that. Neither were converted, leaving the score at 17-5 with Colgate in the lead just 17 minutes into the game. Things picked up again when Heath ’19 scored two consecutive tries in the 35th and 39th minutes. The latter was a one man show featuring Heath ’19 poaching the opponent’s ball, kicking it over their team, and dotting it down for a try before a conversion by J. Johnson ’21, making the score 29-5 at halftime. 

Ball pulled from the scrum by Gruber ’22
The saying goes: better to go into half-time down than up. Cornell was out to prove that by dotting down a try just three minutes into the second half. This reminded Colgate just what they were there to do, and was followed by a try for Colgate, scored by “Big” Mike Rasmussen ’19 just four minutes later. Failure to convert resulted in Colgate leading 34-10 in the 47th minute. A lull in scoring did not reflect a lull in action as Colgate and Cornell fought tooth and nail for another 21 minutes without a point being scored. Colgate broke the spell in the 68th minute when Ian Cummins ’21 cut inside and dotted down a try between the opponent’s goal posts and J. Johnson ’21 converted. Just two minutes later, Ethan Gruber ’22 snuck by Cornell to score another try for Colgate. A lack of conversion for Colgate and a try just three minutes later by Cornell kept things interesting making the score 46-15. The men hailing from Hamilton finished strong with a try by Flanagan ’21 and Washington ’19 in the 77th and 79th minutes, respectively, (both unconverted). This marked the end of the game, and a 56-15 win for Colgate in the first game of the season.


Sophomores (’21), G. Johnson, J. Johnson, Flanagan, Cummins, and McKenna with broad grins and the Claret Mug
Big shoutouts to captain Mike Rasmussen ’19 and captain Adrian Heath ’19 for their leadership, Ethan Gruber ’22 for his kicks and performance at Scrummy as well as his first career try, Billy Bingo ’19 for line-outs thrown for a 100% success rate, Assistant Coach Brett Taylor for his leadership and dedication through preseason and into our first games, Dr. Barbara Heath and Richard Heath (parents of A. Heath ’19) for their support at the match, and to our alumni Justin Sokolowski ’03 and Matt Ford ’13 for suiting up for a B-side showing–we really appreciate all you do! A big thank you to Cornell for being great hosts and a strong team, it was a really fun match! As always, a HUGE thanks to all of the parents, alumni, and fans that support us–we couldn’t be here without you all! 


Team victories make for great pictures!
We look forward our next game at SUNY Oswego on September 8th. Until the next newsletter, don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts so you can always get the latest updates. Go ‘Gate! 

Sam Wittmann ’20

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